The innovation at the heart of your applications thanks to our new range of ultrasonic board

imbed micro

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imbed carteSizes: available in different sizes

Power: from 5w to 30W

Frequency: from 20kHz to 100kHz

Supply: 12/24v

The board can be embedded into a wide range of devices, especially suitable for small equipments.




Our design office proposes co-engineering solutions — from feasibility and proof-of-concept to mass production — to meet your particular technical and environmental specifications.

We optimize transducers for your functionality. They are available in different sizes, shapes and ultrasonic frequencies.

Electronic boards





Extraction/Emulsion/Cellular analysis/Spray/Cleaning…

Diagnostic médical

Medical diagnosis

Biological analysis




  • Save space in your devices
  • Reduce integration costs

If you want to find suitable solutions, please contact us ! We will support you in the development of your ultrasonic products!

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