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sinaptec ultrasound technology for healthcare applications

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Powerful ultrasound waves have multiple effects or applications in the fields of biology, of microbiology, of the production of medical drugs as well as in therapeutic treatment via  ultrasonics, particularly useful for non-invasive treatment of patients.

Our technology, our lab equipment in conjunction with 39 years of experience provide appropriate solutions for innumerable possible applications.

Biology and Microbiology

Dispersion, homogenisation, lsyis of cells, extraction of cell material (DNA, proteins, …), both for direct treatment such as the introduction of probes into the medium and for indirect treatment through the walls of the recipient, lab equipment from the SilabTec range guarantees repeatability and tracability of single samples as well as test series.

Pharmaceutics and Cosmetics

Mixing and emulsification count among the key steps in the course of the production of cosmetics. In pharmaceutical production ultrasound waves participate in the synthesis of chemical components and the extraction of active agents from plants…

Whether in the development of procedures on lab-scale or in scaled-up solutions for big industry, our technology and devices enable the control of transformation procedures  in ultrasonics.

Medical Therapeutics

The emergence of new therapeutic methods through ultrasound technology turns SinapTec  into the ideal partner for the realization of medical devices. This comprises equipment for analytical purposes, low frequency and high frequency devices (HIFU). The technological expertise and experience of SinapTec’s research department put us in the position to meet our customers’ most diverse specifications.

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