Measure and control

Our system approach

A measuring equipment made up of several subgroups : sensors, conditioning and treatment of signals. Even though these items are for the most part freely available in the market, their implementation requires a sound knowledge of ultrasonics in order to analyse, define and develop the best solution.
Our systemic approach covers the multiple aspects of the measure and control by ultrasound in a large frequency range. Our fundamental capacities and our multidisciplinary technical team (ultrasonics, electronics, mechanics, software, acoustics…) represents an offer of complete solutions at high performance level.

Our development tools

Having defined the sensors adjusted to measuring requirements, the development of the hardware is purposefully directed towards the universal software development tools.

We are using the functionalities and the flexibility of the platform of National Instruments. Measurement signals are collected and processed on a data acquisition card of National Instrument or on a specific electronic card embedded in a measurement system.

The Labview software offers numerous options for the conditioning of measurement signals and the rapid creation of powerful and customized interfaces for the:

  • Management of parametre files,
  • Development of communication and analysis interfaces by intuitive graphics and cartographies,
  • Assisting in diagnosis and quality control,
  • Qualification of the robustness and the reliability of the solution,
  • Analysis of the cartographies.
  • Performing of data backups,
  • Establishing a final control report,
  • Recording the history of measurements and non-compliances.

For all of your requirements, our technological know-how enables us to offer a tailor-made evolutionary solution.

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