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Research - SinapTec Ultrasonics

The NexTgen technology features decisive benefits for research activities:

  • A dual mode for the control of frequency and vibration amplitude in real-time to achieve best yields,
  • Capture of all important parameters from our ultrasonic generators (amplitude, frequency, power,
    temperature of the medium to be treated…) transferable via Ethernet connection for recording and later use,
  • A « remote control » mode, which enables our after-sales people to look after all of your diagnostics needs and perform updates from a distance.


SinapTec’s ample experience in the field of manufacturing coupled with our sustained R&D efforts in ultrasonics for manufacturing applications has naturally brought forth a range of equipments for laboratory analytics which enable researchers to control all of the ultrasound variables of a given process, thus guaranteeing the exact analysis of a test series.

Lab generator - SinapTec ultrasonic
Research laboratory - SinapTec ultrasons

Lab-scale pilot

Constant collaboration with and our proximity to research laboratories are in the service of continuously developing further ultrasound technology for new applications and uses with a special view to the scaling up for industry purposes (plant extraction, Sono-Eelectrical chemistry, Sonochemistry, process technology,others)

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