ultrasound application fields

Our core business : the design, development, production and supply of ultrasonic devices, especially generators and ultrasound transducers for the purposes of industry, life sciences, the health and research sector.

Our Engagement

We advise and accompany our customers during the integration and optimized use of our technology in the context of their projects and ultrasonic applications and processes.

We monitor our products across the entire life cycle thanks to our ability to take fast action via remote connection thereby ensuring short-term reactivity and the control of costs.

Our Technology

Sinaptec ultrasound technology for industrial applications

A Communication Technology for the Manufacturing Industry

Sinaptec-Ultraschalltechnologie für nukleare Anwendungen

Durable Technology for use in Nuclear environments

sinaptec-Ultraschalltechnologie für Forschungsanwendungen

Analysis Technology for Research

sinaptec ultrasonic innovation produits

A Versatile Technology for Product Innovation  

sinaptec ultrasound technology for healthcare applications

A reliable Technology in Healthcare

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