OEM Devices

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Our generator range enables the development of any new application you can think of thanks to the flexibility of our technology,

  • For proofs of concept by linking one of our transducers from the product range or a special transducer,
  • For use in strained environments (pressure, temperature, radiation …),
  • For the qualification of preliminary development stages,
  • For the deployment of your final solution, whether integrated in a piece of equipment, table-top or in a device

The force of our concept, the force of our commitment, to offer you the equipment closest to your specifications, for implementation within a few days, within a few weeks.

ultrasonic generators | SinapTec

Ultrasound generators

A unique platform for the setting and optimization of the control, survey of the power…, three families of generators, over 30 patents: Since the beginning of its commercial release 6 years ago not a single customer application of our technology has proved deficient.

Special transducers

Beyond our industrial range, we also developed a number of transducers with varying frequencies, power and uses. Ultrasonics is part of SinapTec’s DNA, we are designing our transducers and tools with the help of the latest multi-physical simulation tools.

ultrasonic transducer | SinapTec
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