Are you aware of the diverse applications of ultrasonic technology in the nuclear sector?

Join SinapTec at DEM2024, May 27-29, in Avignon, France, to explore how our innovative ultrasonic solutions enhance the decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

Understanding Our Ultrasonic OEM Devices

SinapTec specializes in ultrasonic OEM devices, which are essential for a wide range of applications within the nuclear industry. These devices utilize high-frequency sound waves to perform critical tasks such as cleaning, unclogging, dusting, and non-destructive testing, among others. Our OEM solutions are custom-engineered to integrate into your existing systems, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

The Power of Ultrasonic Technology in Nuclear Decommissioning

Decommissioning nuclear facilities is a complex and critical task that demands the highest safety and efficiency standards. Ultrasonic technology, traditionally known for its use in medical and industrial applications, holds transformative potential for the nuclear industry. At SinapTec, we offer this technology to assist companies in the nuclear industry in meeting the various challenges of decommissioning.

Decalcification of Infrastructure

Our ultrasonic solutions efficiently remove calcification from pipes and tubes, preventing potential contamination and structural problems.

Dust Control

Acoustic wind technology provides an innovative method for removing hazardous dust particles, creating a safer environment during decommissioning activities.

Waste Declassification

We facilitate the reclassification of waste materials to ensure safe and compliant disposal.

Cleaning of Liquid Media

Ultrasonic waves are used to purify liquid media within nuclear plants, significantly enhancing the decontamination process.

Fine Particle Agglomeration

Our technology improves the efficiency of filtration systems by agglomerating fine particles, making them easier to capture and contain.

Tailored Co-Engineering for your Specific Needs

With four decades of experience in ultrasonic innovation, SinapTec offers specialized and customized solutions for nuclear decommissioning. Our strong R&D capabilities ensures that our technology meets the sector’s high safety and efficiency standards.

Meet SinapTec’s Experts

Visit us at booth #15 at DEM2024, where our team is ready to explore how we can collaborate on your next project. To schedule a one-on-one discussion, please contact our CEO Pascal Tierce at

We are eager to demonstrate how our tailored ultrasonic solutions and co-engineering capabilities can enhance your decommissioning strategy. Join us in Avignon to discover the full potential of partnering with SinapTec.

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