We are very excited to share the result of a test in our laboratory regarding ultrasonic degassing. The innovation at the heart of your applications thanks to our new range of ultrasonic board.

Do you know what degassing is?

In industrial manufacturing, it is an important step to guarantee the stability and quality of the products and the respect of the production standards.

In fact, degassing is the removal of free and dissolved gases from liquids.

✅ Conventional methods can use mechanical and thermal means, but this can be time consuming and require high energy consumption as it is necessary to achieve homogeneity in the entire volume.

✅ Power ultrasound generates cavitation that offers significant mechanical and thermal effects on a local scale and then dissipate completely.

✅ Thus, the use of ultrasound accelerates the coalescence of gas bubbles, thus facilitating their migration to the surface. This migration is also facilitated by a decrease of the viscosity in the liquid.

The constraints associated with our test were to remove the gas dissolved in a viscous liquid using ultrasound without increasing the temperature significantly (ΔT = 5°C).

Here is the result in video:

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