Nuclear Technology

Durable Technology for use in Nuclear environments

Technologie nucléaire | SinapTec Ultrasonics

In 1995 SinapTec was assigned the task of finding a solution for the sieving of powders within the recycling as part of the fuel cycle. After its successful development and with now 25 years of experience to its credit, SinapTec has evolved into the obvious first-stop contract partner for the development and implementation of durable technologies in the nuclear power industry.

Fuel Cycle

  • Sieving of funnels,
  • Cleaning of filters
  • Sieving of powders
recycling symbol | SinapTec ultrasonic
Nuclear ultrasonic decontamination | SinapTec


  • Dedusting by acoustic wind,
  • Decalcification of pipes and tubes,
  • Declassification of waste,
  • Decontamination in liquid media,
  • Fine particle agglomeration for filtration,

Measure and Control

  • Measure and control in security areas.
Measurement and control nucléaire | SinapTec ultrasonic
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