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SinapTec – a summary

SinapTec is an independent SME with over 30 years of experience in the development of innovative piezoelectric and ultrasound solutions for use in research and industry.

We work in close collaboration with our clients, both to implement our products and to design and to develop new solutions.

Our expertise, a team of engineers with experience in related areas, and the use of specific hardware and software tools enables our clients to run the technology themselves, and to get the necessary features for their specific application. We regularly participate in regional, national and European research programmes.

Member of a network of experts

Our network of experts keeps us in permanent contact with key players in research and industry involved in the development of ultrasound technologies.

  • Research laboratories: Institut Fraunhofer IPA (Stuttgart, Germany), Dpt chemistry and bioengineering University of Technology (Tampere, Finland), Nofima Mat (Norway), the IEMN’s acoustic laboratory (Lille), the LAPLACE laboratory of the ENSEEIHT and Process Engineering Laboratory of the ENSIACET (Toulouse), L2EP Laboratory of Electrotechnics and Power Electronics (Lille).
  • Competitiveness clusters: TRIMATEC (confined media), UP-TEX et TECHTERA (fabrics), MAUD (materials and sustainable environment)…
  • Major corporations leading recurring R&D projects: AREVA, DCNS, L’Oréal, St Gobain…

The instruments of innovation

The large scope of ultrasonic applications requires instruments from a wide range of scientific and technical disciplines.
Depending on the requirements, our team of engineers and technicians, all with extensive industrial experience, use :

  • a research approach, involving the latest modelling, design and research tools and equipment: calculation software which uses 3D mechanical CAD / electronic CAD and mechanical CAD finite elements. The research department is able to design effective ultrasonic systems and sources which are suitable for a large variety of applications.
  • extensive experience in mechanics and electronics.
  • ultrasound  specific measurement and control methods, impedance analyser, laser vibrometer …
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