Do you want to boost the performance of your cheese cutting process?

Ultrasonic slicing is nowadays well introduced in the food industry.

The process consists of vibrating a blade at high frequency which keeps its cutting function.

We offer you a ultrasound solution with many advantages:

➡️ Ultrasonic vibration makes cutting easier by reducing the effort applied to the product.
➡️ The blade penetrates the matter , without deforming or compressing it.
➡️ The removal of the blade is facilitated and prevents the product from sticking.
➡️ The vibration reduces blade dirtying and simplifies tool maintenance.
➡️ Ultrasonic slicing eliminates product waste and ensures better food cutting quality.

Our ultrasonic cutting solutions are suitable for most food products (soft, hard, heterogeneous, decorated).

For more information you can clic the video:

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