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Sonicator, ultrasonic processor, homogenizer

Our knowledge and experience in the development of ultrasonic solutions both for industry and innovation, highlighted the essential prerequisite for the development of an innovative ultrasonic sonicator range, proper for lab use, and also a similar range for relevant industrial scale-up.


The state-of-the-art signal processor offers precision and high reactivity to the slightest trial conditions modifications. The patented NexTgen board is all the more reliable and robust. Moreover, the sonicator' ultrasonic generator maximum power has been designed to meet the sonicator and probe most important requirements.


Ultrasonic sonicator with Axial probes are  perfectly adapted for small volumes and high local intensities. Sonicator with Radial probes produce an exceptional power density and permits the evaluation of continuous process. Pipe processor is the best solution for lab trials before industrial scale-up. And the ultrasonic cup-horn  probe is used to treat microtubes or samples. 



General range for laboratory and industry sonicators : 



Ultrasonic sonicator Lab for axial probesonicator ultrasonic processor homogenizer axial probe






Documentation ultrasonic sonicator :













 Ultrasonic sonicator Lab for radial probesonicator ultrasonic processor homogenizer radial probe




 Documentation - ultrasonic sonicator : 









Ultrasonic sonicator Lab for pipe processor sonicator ultrasonic processor homogenizer pipe sonifier




Documentation - sonicator:  








Our support service for your Lab sonicator 

Depending on the application and your requirements, we will support  you in choosing the most appropriate ultrasonic homogenizer or sonificator for: mixes, ultrasonic homogenisation, chemical reactions, sonication, sonochemistry, degassing, ultrasonic emulsification, extractions, cell lysis, ultrasonic cell disruptor, cell disrupter, crystallisation in the chemical, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics industries; and also liquid metal  treatments ... 


By choosing our sonicator and the services that we provide, you guarantee the success of your project.

We are committed to:
  • listening to your requirements to ensure we understand them and can help you to propose relevant standard or specific sonicators;
  • training you in the commissioning and integrating our equipment;
  • ensuring equipment monitoring, tracking and maintenance;
  • facilitating / anticipating future developments owing to the flexibility of our equipment.



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