An exemple of removing powder residues from a hopper in our video

Unclogging is a major challenge in many industries, particularly those that handle raw materials in powder form.

Agglomerates of powder in equipment can result in productivity losses, high maintenance costs, and even production shutdowns.

That’s why it’s essential to choose the most efficient unclogging procedure. In this context, ultrasounds are increasingly being used as an industrial unclogging method.

This technology also allows for better sieving quality and much more effective dosing, especially recommended for the finest powders.

Our ultrasonic percussion devices produce a vibratory excitation of a few micrometers amplitude at several tens of thousands of hits per second, allowing us to counteract the particle’s adhesion forces on a surface.

The ultrasonic vibration reduces the coefficient of friction, thereby increasing the flow of particles and minimizing local agglomeration phenomena.

Our ultrasonic vibrators used for unclogging can be adapted to different types of equipment and particles.

Unclogging with ultrasonics is certainly an option to consider if conventional electric or pneumatic solutions are not always satisfactory.

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