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Ultrasounds for manufacturing

Ultrasonic cleaning and decontamination

Decontamination of conveyor belts
Nuclear decontamination
Microtubular cleaning
Cleaning heat exchangers
Cleaning food processing utensils (mesh gloves, slaughterhouse hooks)
Cleaning silk-screened flasks


Ultrasound bioprocess and intensification of processes 

Synthesising iron hydroxide in a microreactor
Plant extraction
Biopolymer processing


Waste reduction and processing by ultrasounds

Treating algae
Treating water through ultraviolet /ultrasonic coupling
Treating sludge
Oil recovery


Powder vibration by ultrasounds

Sifting in confined environments
Unclogging hoppers or pipework


Ultrasonic acoustic wind

Filter cleaning by inert blowing
Particle agglomeration
Defoaming milk bottles


Underwater acoustics

Acoustic buzzer system
Acoustic transmission / reception antenna
Underwater positioning and locating

Ultrasonic measure and control

Seismic source
Electricity post quality control
Welding control on asphalt materials
Controlling the vacuity of pipework
Controlling the integrity of pipes by 3D mapping (C scan)
Characterisation of the structure of materials


Ultrasonic spraying

Spraying, atomisation with droplets
Controlling mist filters


Ultrasonic cutting and welding

Cutting and cauterisation of climbing rope
Welding trays and packaging


Ultrasonic mechanical vibration

Food slicing


Ultrasonic abrading

Wire drawing
Quartz micromachining