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Our ultrasonic expertise guarantees your success...

... by achieving a tailor-made ultrasonic solution designed to meet your objectives.

With over 30 years of experience in ultrasound solutions, our expertise is based on: 

  • a fundamental understanding of the physics of ultrasound and the propagation of sound waves through media. Each year, our R&D team pushes the boundaries of our knowledge through research carried out in collaboration with European research laboratories.
  • a team of multi-discipline engineers. Our skills in the fields of electronics, software development, mechanics and ultrasounds enable us to advance technology to ensure a better mastery of the equipment.
  • ultrasonic characterisation and testing methods to control the phenomena induced by ultrasound.
  • project management approach based on partnership, which includes:
  • - a development phase,
    - an integration phase (training, prototype optimisation, and implementation support),
    - an industrial phase.
  • a helpful technology platform for the development of your solution, which helps to improve the development and testing phase and considerably reduces industrial deployment time for the product.
  • range of ultrasonic equipment to implement your solution.


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